6 Male Hotspots for a Sexual Thrill!

How many erogenous zones can you name on your body? If you can only list a handful, let me tell you, you haven’t been stimulating your body enough! The male body is not only very responsive to erotic stimulation but is also a rich playground of areas to touch, kiss, nibble, and caress for sexual thrill.

If you never had the chance to explore your body in detail, here are 6 erogenous zones that will give you an insane, slow-burn erotic pleasure!

Toes and Feet!

You might not be into your feet, but did you know that the feet are highly responsive to sexual maneuvering? Whether it is a simple foot massage or some toe sucking action (Hey-O!), doing feet-oriented foreplay is a true pleasure-boosting knockout!

Sexual Thrill: Prostate!

The prostate is a highly sensitive area on the male body, located between the perineum and anus. The little bundle of nerves can be stimulated in various ways; including with a light finger massage, a sex toy stimulation, or some kinkier tongue session. Whatever the case may be, the erotic satisfaction of boosting the prostate often provides the most potent male orgasms you can have.

Inner Things!

More than the feet or crotch, the inner things can give you an incredible amount of erotic satisfaction, too. The inner things are a more delicate area on the body and not as often touched, so even the slightest stimulation can activate a familiar sense of erotic excitement.

Sexual Thrill: Lips!

It should be no wonder that both men and women find juicy kissing highly erotic. The lips contain plenty of nerve-endings that can create their own level of sexual arousal, so don’t be afraid to get into some licking, nibbling, sucking, and light biting! 

The V-Line!

The V-line is the area on the body located between the lower belly and the beginning of the crotch. Because the area is so intimate and close to the ‘source’ of all erotic thrill, it is extremely responsive to sexual teasing. The delicate skin of the V-line can be effectively stimulated with fingernails; kisses, or even a vibrating sex toy that, when applied to the hotspot, results in sweet, sexy tingles deep inside the belly.

Sexual Thrill: The Back!

The neck, the back, pamper that area just like that! The back has always been a turn-on for men; especially those who are not afraid of light scratches, finger presses, and perhaps some hot candle wax drips?! To get the most pleasure in this area; ask your partner to begin working at the small of your back and continue all the way to the butt cheeks. A hot tip that always works? The slower your partner works, the more excited you’ll be!

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