6 Hot Reasons Why Doggy Works Every Time!

Out of all sex positions you can think of, doggy-style seems to be among the most favorite. Perfect for quickies, slow and paced sex, and even foreplay, all versions of doggy style work in the bedroom like a charm.

If you never felt keen on trying doggy-style sex, here are 6 sultry reasons why you should absolutely love it! 

1. Great for G-spot Stimulation

The way you position yourself in doggy-style is at the perfect angle for stimulating the G-spot in women. Close to the inside of the vaginal wall, the G-spot can be your new favorite erogenous zone to uncover and the best way to play with it is with any variation of doggy style sex.

2. ….also Great for A-spot Stimulation

Right behind the G-spot, there is the A-spot, which is one of the most unexplored erogenous zones. Luckily, with doggy-style positions you can, again, find the perfect angle and give this little bundle of nerves located between the cervix and bladder a nice massage.

3. Depth Control!

The great thing about any doggy style position is that it gives you the power over depth and your thrusts. If you feel like slowing down, you can temper your depth and intensity, and you can also go wild and bring in both the heat and depth. As deep penetration can sometimes feel uncomfortable or even painful, doggy-style postures allow you to go as far as you need to.

4. Everything within Reach

No matter which variation of doggy you choose, you will have every other asset available to stimulate. That said, you can multi-task with doggy style while simultaneously teasing the nipples, clitoris, and butt. With everything on display and ready to be worshipped, doggy style sex beats the list with efficiency and options.

5. No Bed Needed

Doggy style doesn’t really require a bed to happen, so you can experiment with it in different locations around your space. From the shower and your car to the kitchen and basically, anywhere you want to play, trust your position to provide enough comfort and spontaneity.

6. Doggy Great for Intimacy

Although it may not look like it, doggy style positions can be very intimate and personal. Spooning doggy positions, for instance, are fabulous options to try if you want to come closer to your sex partner but still maintain the thrill of the position. In addition, you can let the woman hold onto you instead of the bed, a position that is quite favorable for deep-neck kisses and then some. 

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