5 Sex Positions for Guys with Size Issues!

There is this general conviction among men that most women care about the size of your penis. And despite women’s convictions that this is not the case, some men still find themselves worrying over it. For those of you who are on the shorter side of things, worry no more!

There are countless Sex Positions that can help you leave a great impression in bed, and never lack in-depth, penetration and girth.

If you wanted that extra push in bed, read on as we list 5 key positions for men who struggle with their penis size.

Sex Positions: Doggie Style!

The classic doggy position is a great way to engage in deeper penetration, and so are its variations. There are many ways to do doggy style in style, so experiment with techniques until you find that works best for you and your partner. Aside from performance, doggy style is a great option if you want to simultaneously stimulate your partner with your finger or a toy. 

Modified Reverse Cowgirl!

This is another great position that will ensure your size won’t be a problem during sex. The modified version of the reverse cowgirl is basically the same as the standard one, with one slight change. Instead of your partner having her legs to each side of you, she presses them together, while you are the one whose legs are spread. The position is also rewarding if you have a ‘shortcoming’ as it helps you control the penetration and thrusts.

Sex Positions Splitting Bamboo!

The Splitting Bamboo position is a superb option for men who lack a few inches. Namely, the position requires the woman to lie on her back and lift her legs on one of the man’s shoulders. At the same time, the man kneels in front of the woman, his knees pressed together and his partner’s butt lifted to his lap. Great for taking charge in tempo and penetration, the position also gets you in a full-thrust rhythm, which is exactly what you were looking for.   

Side Cowgirl!

In the Side Cowgirl, the man sits on the side of the couch, while the woman sits over one of his legs. Although a bit intertwined scenario, the Side Cowgirl locks the woman in place, while the man can get the maximum of penetration and depth.

Sex Positions: Pile Driver!

If you want all-the-way penetration, this position makes it happen. In it, the woman scoots on the bed, with her knees scooped to her chest. Once her hips are lifted off the bed, the man squats in front and locks his knees in place, thus enjoying a through-and-through depth when thrusting. 

Source: https://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/a19546200/best-sex-positions-for-guys-with-small-penises/

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