5 Non-Sexual Reasons Why Clients Book Escorts!

Oftentimes, there is a misconception that escorts are only booked to provide clients with intimate pleasures. And while sexual favours are great to have on your escort repertoire, sometimes, not all clients are in it for the thrill of the experience. In fact, there are many occasions when clients would book an escort for a whole other reason other than sex. 

Below, let’s dive into 5 reasons why clients book an escort’s company that have nothing to do with sex.  

1. Loneliness  

For some clients, escorts make a great solution to their loneliness. If single, an escort date can keep you busy and entertained and you can always call or text her as part of your GFE service. Of course, intimacy can be present in your arrangement, but it just so happens than having a cuddle buddy and a support system sounds more appealing to some.  

2. A Virtual Date  

Aside from physically meeting an escort, you can also book a virtual date service, like a phone or webcam date. Escorts love to keep in touch with their clients even when they can’t actually meet or see each other, so this service works great if you came home late and just want to hang out with someone for an hour. Also, virtual date with an escort can be great if you travel often but still want to have someone to hang out when away.  

3. Travel 

When you just can’t spend time without your escort, you can always travel together for a few days. Travel arrangements with an escort are a very cosy service to use, especially if you need a good company for a winter or summer holiday.  

4. Someone Different  

Some clients have never dated an Asian girl before, so being able to book an Asian escort date fulfils that curiosity. The same goes for all exclusive pleasures you have, such as dating an ebony lady, a mature date, a cougar, a teen or an Indian. Escorts offer something for every client’s preference and help you find yourself in the best company possible.   

5. Plus-One 

Whenever you need a plus-one to take to an office party or a celebration like a wedding, an escort date will serve you well. Escorts are very elegant and discreet and will represent you in the best possible light. Also, she won’t let others suspect you are dating a professional and you’ll still have the best time ever. 

Source: https://www.thrillist.com/tony-romos-ultimate-gift-guide 

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