5 Great Hormones Your Body Releases during Sex!

You might have thought that your pleasure in sex is purely physical but the truth is, your body and brain both respond greatly to the sensations. Sexual stimulation can be highly beneficial for your overall wellbeing and it all comes down to hormones. Namely, during sex, the body releases plenty of hormones that make sex more enjoyable, pleasant, and downright hot. The end result? You feel a whole lot happier!

Here are 5 monumental, feel-good hormones your body releases during sex!

1. Prolactin!

Prolactin is a hormone that helps you find relief after sexual arousal and orgasm. This hormone is essential in giving you a sweet sense of comfort after orgasm and distracts you from keeping your mind on sex more often. Prolactin is a very important hormone for your body to produce as it allows you to be productive without thinking about sex all the time. 

2. Oxytocin!

Produced in the pituitary gland, oxytocin is an essential hormone responsible for stimulating the prostate, contracting the muscles, and teasing the nerves. When your body is packed on oxytocin, you are more eager to cuddle and love on someone, which helps you build intimacy in bed as well. Oxytocin also helps you connect to your partner easily. 

3. Endorphins!

Another happy hormone, endorphin represents a bunch of neurotransmitters that help your body relieve pain. Thanks to its structure, endorphins can act to the body like morphine. During sex, this hormone can help you expel stress and increase your confidence. Typically, endorphins give you a wave of euphoria which makes sex more exciting. They also enhance pleasure and finally, and have a calming effect all the while.

4. Adrenaline!

Also known as epinephrine, adrenaline positively affects the sympathetic nervous system. It also increases your heart rate and helps your arteries dilate. As a result, your circulation runs faster and you feel like you could orgasm multiple times in a row. During sex, adrenaline allows you to feel exhilarated and eclectic, followed by intense pumps. 

5. Phenylethylamine!

Phenylethylamine encourages the release of dopamine, which activates pleasure inside the brain. The chemical is most often released during sex and helps you build your orgasm. Interestingly, the same chemical is also found in chocolate. When the chemical is released, you will likely feel overwhelmed and blissful. In bed, however, the chemical produces feelings of attraction and gives you a surge of excitement.

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