4 Ways to Make Sex Much More Fun!

Has the fun left the bedroom? If so, we have just the tips for you!

As much as we all love sex, the routine of it can sometimes get the better of the experience, thus leaving out all the fun things we love about sex. According to sex studies, a staggering 59 percent of men and women noted that their sex lives could use a bit of fun and playfulness.

If your bedroom action lacks some fun, here are 4 ways to transform your sex life from dull to oh-so-daring!

No Faking

One of the most toxic behaviors practiced in sex is faking the enjoyment that comes with it. If you feel like your sex life has not been the raunchiest lately, why fake it at all? Being honest and communicating in a healthy manner can be a great way to return to the fun-having aspect of sex. In that same regard, faking your orgasms or sexual pleasure will leave you feeling all the more frustrated, and that is the last thing you want happening in bed. 

Expand Your Mindset

Usually, there is a belief that men are the only ones who want sex to be more fun and feel more new and innovative. However, just like men, women, too, are hoping for more dynamic and refreshing sex adventures. That said, open your mind towards fresh ideas on how to make sex more entertaining and pleasant for yourself and your woman. Whether you do a mutual sex bucket list or take up an escort date, thinking outside the box will guarantee you definite fun between the sheets.

Share Your Fantasy 

Men and women tend to withhold sharing their sexual fantasies, which then leads to semi-satisfactory sex life. To men, women seem more reserved to play out a particular fantasy. However, the truth is that women are excited to experiment with the fantasies shared by their men and become more encouraged to share a desire of their own.

Position vs. Mood

Although you might have never thought about it, adjusting your sex position to your mood can do more for your overall pleasure and satisfaction in bed. If you are feeling romantic, research the best spooning positions to help you build that special connection. In addition, do the same research whenever you are in the mood for something raunchier or more intense. More than everything, and for the maximum amount of fun, make sure your partner’s moods are also taken into consideration,

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