4 Ways to Healthy and Protected Sex!

Sexual health is much more than just recommended protection. In fact, aside from wearing protection; there are many other ways in which you can ensure a healthy and protected sex life. Whether you are in a long-term relationship, dating an escort; or indulge in the occasional one-night-stand, yours and your partner’s sexual health should always come first.

Here are 9 of the most common health alerts that will ensure you have healthy, protected, and enjoyable sex! 

To the Bathroom!

Peeing after having sex is very important to your overall sexual health. For one, you empty your bladder and can, therefore, experience higher sensations. In addition, urinating after sex helps keep your reproductive organs free of irritations and STIs. Sure, sometimes you don’t feel like going to the bathroom right after sex, but even so; you should give it a shot as it is your body’s natural and only way to prevent infections.

Healthy and Protected Sex: Because Versatility!

Sex is mostly about exploring your sources of pleasure. Therefore, when you want to play really naughty and switch place;, you have to make sure you are clean and ready to go. Namely, if the backdoor is your kind of play; you shouldn’t proceed with vaginal sex before you have washed your private parts. When using toys, consider using different condoms for each of your playgrounds.

The Cleanse Aftermath!

Once the fun is over, you can ensure a healthier experience by taking a shower. Showers help flush the skin pores, which will prevent skin irritations. As far as your private parts go, urinating after sex is just as important as washing yourself properly. If you don’t want to use perfumed soaps; you can just use warm water and body wash to keep it all dandy. Especially if you have used a lubricant on yourself or your partner; doing a cleanse is more than essential to eliminate bacteria and germs.

Healthy and Protected Sex: Toys and Bedding!

One of the most relevant things to do for safer sex is to clean and sanitize your sex toys right after. The same goes for your bedding; so make sure you always wash your sheets and pillow covers right after the party. As for your play kit; after washing and disinfecting them thoroughly, place them in protective cases and at a safe location. For extra safety, don’t share a toy with your partner but make sure you both have your own props.

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