4 Ways to Add Fire to Your Outcall Escort Date!

Outcalls represent a popular service many clients love to book when they are in need of a superb escort company with intimacy on the side. Outcalls can take place at the client’s home, a hotel; or any other private location, where the client and escort can bond accordingly and find their pace – in and out of the bedroom.

If you are interested in booking an escort outcall, it is important you know how to bring you’re A-game to the date. From igniting the passion to being creative as a lover; here are 4 ways to keep an escort outcall on point and super-hot and fun!

Kama Sutra!

For those lacking experience in the bedroom, the Kama Sutra can serve as a wonderful source of inspiration. The book is a collection of the most dynamic, unique; and beneficial sex poses and allows those who try them to find a different pace in creating intimacy. Even if you are familiar with most of the positions in the Kama Sutra; chances are, you haven’t tried them all, and your outcall escort date calls for taking some out-of-the-box action!

A Menu of Options

Making a sex menu, along with your escort will keep the lust alive and kicking during your escort date. Consider this smart tip as a social game only you and your escort get to play. Take a piece of paper and pen and discuss different fantasies and scenarios you want to fulfil. Once you are all done, gather your ideas in one place and pick a random one out of the bunch and then; get to the action and have yourself a wild and lustful outcall!

Don’t Rush!

Not just during your outcall escort date, rushing should never be part of your service booking experience. Some clients might book an outcall for their very first escort date; but because they know nothing about the process and course of the date, they might end up disappointed or lack feeling the right kind of passion. Well creating sexual tension for the first time is not easy; so the slower you ease yourself into the experience, the more you’ll learn and the more rewarding it will be.


Alas, you can’t expect a seamless outcall escort date if you fail to communicate transparently with your escort. From sharing your fantasies to discussing boundaries and ideas; communication is what will keep your outcall date running smoothly and be as fulfilling as you wanted it to be.