4 Oral Moves All Women Consider Overrated!

Oral moves for women is much more different than oral sex for men. Namely, women typically need more time and stimulation to orgasms, something that men seem to be oblivious about. But, even if you are putting in your best efforts during oral sex, you can still get plenty of things wrong.

Women are not as outspoken about what they want you to do in bed, so the lack of communication and guidance can be a part of you performing oral sex on your partner wrong. To avoid that, here are 4 of the most common things that men do during oral sex which women dislike.

1. Oral Moves: Not Knowing Your Way!

Giving oral sex begins with knowing the female anatomy well. As per research in the field, almost 50% of women admitted that their partner was not able to give them oral sex orgasm. Usually, women need more clitoral and vaginal stimulation to orgasm, which are things not many men pay enough focus to. Even more unfortunate, most men will give their partners oral sex without even locating the clitoris but thinking they have. If you really want to hit the spot and do your partner justice during oral sex, learn her angles right.

2. No Communication!

Sadly, neither women nor men communicate enough during sex. Oftentimes, a woman will need you to stay longer in one particular spot. Other times, she’ll require more intimacy or kissing but won’t say it. Naturally, this will lead the man to suppose he is doing everything right, even though he isn’t. Communication during sex (oral sex included) goes both ways- men need to ask for instructions and feedback, and women have to learn how to vocalize their needs, too.

3. Oral Moves: Tit for Tat!

On some occasions, men believe that if they perform oral sex on their partner, they’d do the same for you. However, nurturing these expectations and not giving your partner her pleasure is just a selfish way to be in bed. Instead of doing something in the name of reciprocation, try surprising your partner and give her an exclusive night of pleasure all for herself.

4. Not Keeping Your Mind Open!

For one, no two women are the same, so keep that in mind whenever giving the woman in your bed oral pleasure. By narrowing down the things that a woman wants during oral sex, you deprive yourself of the chance to get the technique right. Also, aside from that same-old, same-old moves in bed, try to bring something new and unexpected to the table. Using toys, stimulating her other erogenous zones, and including lube during oral are just some of the ways to keep things fresh and new for your woman.

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