4 Games to Instantly Invigorate Your Sex Life!

Are you a sexy player in every sense of the world?

Playing raunchy games is one of the most effective ways to introduce newness to your sex life and explore an array of erotic sensations. Far from the known sex games, such as the naughtier version of Truth or Dare and sex quizzes, there are many other games that are just waiting to make your intimate life a whole lot better.

Here are 4 of hot-as-hell sex games to try when you need a change of pace.

Invigorate Your Sex Life: The Naked Doer!

Although seemingly simple, this little game will give you something sexy to look forward to. To play it, get in the nude (together with your date or partner) and get busy with life as usual while naked. Take your phone calls naked, dine naked at home, or move around your home naked…that’s the basic idea behind the game. The more naked you are, the more anticipating physical touch and contact will be for you and your woman. At one point during the game, you can call it quits and get down to some really sexy business

Strip Poker!

An oldie but goldie, playing a steamy game strip poker won’t ever go out of style. Therefore, get yourself a nice poker kit, and get dressing up or down, depending on your skills and luck. If you want to make the game more interesting, instead of taking one piece of clothing after a lost game, let the other person decide what you’ll take off. Plus, you can also include extra moves during your game, such as doing an actual striptease routine or giving the other person an erotic massage.

Invigorate Your Sex Lifer: A Toss of the Dice!

Use dice numbers to represent a certain sexy task or mission, with the highest numbers representing the most complex tasks. If you are playing with two dices, you can add the numbers and create a fiery selection of sexy tasks. For instance, while throwing a two will mean French Kissing for one minute, a subtotal of eight could mean French kissing and some oral pleasure. I’m sure you get the idea.

Guess the Sensation!

For this game, you can take turns wearing a blindfold and experimenting with different sensations. For instance, you can choose random objects around your house, to be used for a sexy stimulation. You can take your pick between a wet loofah, a metal spoon, a wooden spatula, and much more. Once you have your item in place, you should use it wisely to stimulate or arouse the other person. Whoever is wearing the blindfold should guess what the item behind the sensation is. To make the game safe, sound, and good for you both, keep the genitals out of play, and focus on other bodily experiences.

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